Defined Benefit

AndCo provides Plan Sponsors with comprehensive and disciplined solutions for every aspect of defined benefit investing. We simplify investment and fiduciary decisions for pension trustees by providing what we have defined as high quality investment options and risk oversight, plan governance, trustee education, and strategy implementation. Our Defined Benefit plan services also complement our Defined Contribution services, providing you and your plan participants with comprehensive total retirement program solutions.

A sample of solutions we provide may include:

• Investment Policy Development and Review

• Strategic Asset Allocation and Portfolio Structure

• Investment Manager/Strategy Identification, Evaluation, and Recommendation

• Customized Monthly, Quarterly, and Special Request Investment Reports

• Quarterly Economic Summary

• Board/Investment Committee Education

• Ongoing Investment Manager Due Diligence

• Professional Service Provider Evaluation – Custody, Transition, etc.

• Special Project Coordination and Execution

• Asset Allocation Modeling

• Assist with Asset/Liability Studies