• Clients first.

    AndCo Consulting was founded on the belief and conviction that only an independent institutional consulting firm can seek to always put their clients first.

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AndCo Consulting is an independent, SEC registered institutional investment consulting firm. We serve as a fiduciary to each of our clients, without exception or caveat, while assisting and guiding them in making important investment and plan design decisions.

Our Mission: To represent the sole interest of our clients by redefining independence.

Our Vision: To be a transformational organization viewed as the leader in our industry.

Our Values:
Service – Put the needs of our clients, co-workers and community above our own, with no expectation or condition
Excellence – Always pursue perfection
Humility – Demonstrate modesty, respect and introspection
Integrity – Be honest and ethical in all circumstances. What you say is what you believe. Actions and words are consistent
Positive Attitude – Disposition of optimism and encouragement

The AndCo Difference

As a truly independent firm, we strive to make all recommendations in our clients’ best interests. We seek to prevent conflicts of interest that could cloud our objectivity, including avoiding and being free from the following external financial approaches and arrangements:

  • Holding licenses to sell products for a commission.
  • Having an affiliation with a broker/dealer.
  • Receiving direct or indirect manager compensation.
  • Accepting payments from investment managers for AndCo-sponsored events.
  • Receiving referral or solicitation fees.
  • Engaging in soft dollar¹ programs.

¹ Soft dollars are a way for a plan sponsor to receive services (through commission revenue) without having to directly pay for them. These arrangements can lack transparency and AndCo accepts only hard-dollar ("cash") payments for our services as outlined in a service agreement between AndCo and the plan sponsor.

Our Services

AndCo Consulting delivers customized services to help meet each client's unique needs. We offer a full range of investment and fiduciary consulting services for all types of institutional plans including defined benefit, defined contribution, taxable and tax-exempt deferred compensation, OPEB, VEBA, operating reserves, endowment and foundations.

Our Organization

We offer a single line of business – general consulting for a hard dollar fee. When our organization puts CLIENTS first, we strive to create a relationship of COMPLETE TRUST.

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Our Employees

We realize our employees’ skill and dedication is our greatest single asset. As a result, when our employees put CLIENTS first, the result is a focused, unwavering SERVICE CULTURE.

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AndCo Consulting Results

When the organization and employee puts the client first in every aspect we believe the result is better administration, results and overall partner experience.

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Investment Research

At AndCo Consulting, we have a dedicated Research Group whose sole function is the selection and monitoring of investment managers. Currently, we have ten research analysts within this group. The average experience of our research group doing investment manager research is 15 years.

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