As The Bogdahn Group, we have always endeavored to place our clients first, without exception or caveat. We take our role as an independent institutional consulting firm and plan fiduciary very seriously, and we believe this approach and philosophy adds real value to our clients. To ensure that the client always comes first in the service equation and that our fiduciary responsibility is never compromised, the important principles of independence, objectivity and transparency are embodied in our mission and vision statements and define who we are as an organization. They are engrained in our culture and corporate values and used to guide our actions every day.

Over the years, the investment environment has grown more complex and we’ve seen our staff grow and our expertise and services advance to serve our expanding clientele. To strengthen business continuity and meet the needs of our clients, we recently began a program to broaden employee ownership of our firm. Inherently, as we thought about our mission, vision, and the passion behind our service culture, we wanted to do something significant that would better reflect who we are as an organization. The new year is here, and with it, the exciting news that The Bogdahn Group will now be known as AndCo Consulting.

Before we look at the future of our firm, let’s take a look at where we started, and how we arrived at our new name.

The Beginning

Joe Bogdahn had a vision, and in September of the year 2000 he made good on that dream by founding Bogdahn Consulting. But Joe’s desire was not to simply create an institutional consulting firm–he wanted to build one founded on true independence and complete objectivity that always put its clients first. He succeeded, and along with others, grew the firm into the trusted, talent-filled team of professionals with a passion for a client-first approach to institutional investment consulting.

Why a Company Rebrand?

After these years of growth and original brand equity, why a company rebrand now? Though client-first consulting has been a cornerstone of our company since its inception, with the milestone of transitioning majority ownership from our founder to the firm’s next generation of leadership it felt like the perfect opportunity to reintroduce ourselves to the world as AndCo Consulting. We have always believed the assets of our firm were the collective body of individuals working together to serve our clients. It was always bigger than one, two or a handful of people. We felt this rebrand better reflected this belief and conviction. Business will continue as usual, as the leadership and team you have come to know and trust will not be impacted by this rebrand.

Why AndCo?

As AndCo Consulting, we want your first impression to be our commitment to client-first consulting. Our promise to you spans from our very foundation up to the name on our building. Most importantly, this company rebrand sets the stage for the future of our firm, and your place in it. At AndCo Consulting, it is always: