Defined Contribution

AndCo works with plan sponsors and retirement committees to deliver comprehensive retirement solutions. We support your fiduciary obligations as plan sponsor and help ensure your participants have the tools necessary to help them achieve their retirement goals. Our approach is both holistic and specialized, understanding the collective impact of all Plans on your participants and your strategic goals as a sponsor, while factoring in the unique considerations of your plans. Our Defined Contribution plan services also complement our Defined Benefit services, providing you and your plan participants with comprehensive total retirement program solutions.

A sample of solutions we provide may include:

• Design, Distribute, Collect and Evaluate Request for Proposal (RFP) responses for Recordkeeping and Administration Services

• Facilitate the Vendor Selection Process and Interviews

• Assist with provider scope of work definition, negotiation of fees and contracts

• Plan Level Fee Analysis

• Investment Policy Development and Review

• Investment Manager/Strategy Identification, Evaluation, and Recommendation

• Customized Investment Reports

• Quarterly Economic Summary

• Board/Investment Committee Education

• Ongoing Investment Manager Due Diligence

• Review Employee Education Strategy for fit with Demographics and Plan Goals

• Provide Guidance for Defined Contribution Strategies and Investment Decisions