Our Partnership

In January of 2015, our founding partner, Joe Bogdahn, sold his majority units to the firm. In doing so, that event became the catalyst that began the process of recycling equity back into the company, creating a 100% employee-managed organization. This was always the vision for the firm and something we believed could create tremendous value for our organization.

As our company moves forward, we will expand ownership opportunities. The concept is to continue recycling equity to existing and new employees while building a sustainable, multi-generational business that is passionate about what we do and who we serve. We are honored to recognize the partners listed below for their contributions to our organization and the examples each of them set every day.


Brian Green

Brooke Wilson

Bryan Bakardjiev

Dan Johnson

Dan Osika


Evan Scussel
Jacob Peacock
Jason Purdy
Jon Breth
Kerry Richardville


Kim Spurlin
Mike Welker
Steve Gordon
Troy Brown
Tyler Grumbles